Facebook Marketing & Ads Mastery

With 7 million+ advertisers are active across Facebook, it isn't hard to imagine why this social media site continues to be an attractive online marketing hub for many businesses. This trend is not going to fade soon, as we speak to live in an era of technology.

What you'll learn
  • Learn Facebook Algorithms, Content, Free Marketing
  • Implement Facebook Pixel, events, and advanced tracking strategies
  • Strategies for making a profit with Facebook ads using the formula I will show
  • Make reporting for Data analysis to win on Ads
  • Have a personal profile/account on Facebook
  • Computer / Mobile
  • Internet

No matter how small your company is or what types of products you are selling, as the largest community network, you can't afford to establish your presence on Facebook. Indeed, marketers have started seeing this platform as a great way to increase exposure, create loyal customers, and foster sales.


Facebook is considered one of the top advertising channels online, and luckily, ads on this platform allow you to reach even more of your audience, often at a low cost. In reality, Facebook's micro-targeting features are much practical, and it lets you reach a particular target customer. 


If optimized wisely, the natural reach and visibility can help you compete with companies with much larger budgets. That being said, it's no surprise that Facebook has become an integral part of business growth today.


Knowing the importance of creating an impactful Facebook advertising campaign, we will be looking at building the next generation of new media leaders with this innovative and digital training program, "Facebook Marketing Training in Bangladesh." In this step-by-step course, you'll learn everything you need to know about Facebook ad strategy, pixels settings, conversion tracking, and other practical advice for immediate use or to save for later.


Ready? Let's dive in!


Why Should You Know Facebook marketing?


When 2.5 billion people use Facebook every month, not every social media channel has the same level of importance. But we have merely touched the surface on the whys. 


So, if you're not sure why you should prefer to learn Facebook, aka FB marketing, here are some fantastic reasons to start.

  • Massive Exposure on Global Scale
  • Facebook Advertising Is a Powerful Tool
  • Become a customer hub
  • Helps to track your competitors
  • Cost-benefit

Importance of Facebook marketing in career


As every brand wants to ensure a robust online presence nowadays, the demand for Facebook marketing managers and experts is booming. Giant business owners and entrepreneurs are hiring FB ad managers to implement social strategies, create and develop ads, and track these efforts for better outcomes. 


Most of the high-pay marketing jobs require a strong understanding of FB marketing, and to be successful in the position, you must take your skillset to the next level.


Here are quite a few reasons from many, why it makes the most sense to be master on Facebook for the career.

  • Fulfill your dream to become an entrepreneur
  • Opportunity to work in fast-paced social media
  • Handsome payout
  • Facebook marketing jobs are in high demand
  • Become an essential digital marketing team member
  • Freelance marketplaces

Who should learn Facebook advertising?


Facebook is the most effective digital advertising channel and has become a central part of many business' digital marketing strategies for getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions. As the ads are cheaper, and the results are better, Facebook marketing is used by the following concerns.


Brands: Despite you are selling consumer items, devices, homemade goods, crafts, or services; you need to promote your brand through Facebook to target ideal customers, reach them, and increase conversion. It's also an excellent way for any brand to gain insights into how customers feel about the products and services you are offering online. 


Local businesses: Those days are gone when a local brick-and-mortar business only has to rely on traditional marketing. Indeed, when you are doing business locally, you need to target a specific group of people based upon interests or certain demographics, such as local cities. This precision targeting helps improve ad performance, leading to greater engagement and higher conversion.


Personalities: Facebook fan page is an excellent spot for developing and creating a brand identity for superstars, athletes, prosperous business people, writers, players, or anybody who is well-known. The only reason is they need more exposure, and there's also the "business" aspect of anyone in show business.


Charity and nonprofit organizations: It is no secret that the budgets of the nonprofit sectors are too tight to spend anything on social channels. But Luckily, Facebook emerged as a nonprofit marketer's best friend, and thankfully, the marketing approaches have a lower cost. With a small amount of spending, you can reach your targets (potential volunteers, sponsors, donors, etc.), scale your organization and drive tangible results.


So, if you're not quite ready, don't worry! Check out our online learning program "Facebook Marketing training" in Bangladesh and start getting a better return on investment by learning and implementing best practices to develop and optimizing your Facebook marketing strategies.



01. Facebook Basic & Business Page
02. Business Manager
03. Create Facebook Ads (Starter)
04. Create Facebook Ads (Reach & Engagement)
05. Create Facebook Ads (Brand Awareness, Event & Tools)
06. Create Facebook Ads (Video & Messenger)
07. Create Facebook Ads (Link & Lead)
08. Facebook Audience & Other Features
09. F-Commerce Business Ideas
10. Pixel Setup with GTM
11. Facebook Plan (3 Months)
12. Pixel & Events (Advanced)
13. Catalog, Conversion Ad & Remarketing
14. Miscellaneous Features
15. Miscellaneous Features - Part 02
16. Wrap Up
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Why Should You Buy This Course?


With over hours of training and practical guidelines, you can follow- this comprehensive Facebook for business marketing course will help you learn everything you need to know to build your brand and convert your followers to paying customers.  


With this course, you'll discover remarkable strategies and principles for leveraging Facebook advertising, and you will be able to optimize your ads for increased conversions and engagement.


The whole program has been designed for both novice and advanced Facebook marketers who want to achieve high online exposure and fantastic campaign results.


Each of the training modules and additional micro-video tutorials on several specific Facebook ad topics is filled with actionable strategies to follow along, so you will get the most out of your learnings and be ready to implement it in your business. 


If you are still unsure about the course, the following sections will help you to decide.


Enroll if you want to:

  • Learn Facebook marketing A-Z and grow a business on Facebook from scratch.
  • Become a BADASS Facebook advertising specialist
  • Learn the ins outs to design, launch, and optimize Facebook Messenger chatbots.
  • Learn to reduce ad cost with advance targeting features.
  • Build a professional and convincing Facebook page or group from start to finish
  • Acquire knowledge about a systematic way to optimize, split test, and scale-out Facebook Ads.
  • Discover what a Facebook pixel is, how to create one, and advanced tracking strategies.
  • Learn how to ethically hack everyone's Facebook feed and bring the reach back from the dead.
  • Gain how to drive conversions through dynamic Facebook ad retargeting and analytics.

Don't enroll:

  • This course is not for them who don't have any ambition to earn money online.
  • If you are not a participant, and you are just an observer who expects things to be changed by itself. 


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