Google Ads Masterclass

Google ads are an advertising campaign of Google by which they show online advertisements to audiences. The main purpose is to track the right audiences for the desired products that they search on the internet. You never know the preference of particular audiences. So Google ads help you out to reach the audiences based on their interests.

What you'll learn
  • Explore and Practical Setup For All Types of Google Ads Campaign
  • Use Conversion Tracking To Determine The Value of Ad Campaigns
  • Remarket to Website/YouTube Visitors To Boost Traffic & Increase Sales
  • Make an In-Depth Report for Campaigns with Google Analytics & Data Studio
  • Desire to learn
  • Laptop / mobile
  • Internet
  • No prior experiences

The digital marketing world is so versatile, and so the advertising world is. The marketers always focus on grabbing the attention of the audiences who search on the internet. Making the customers enchanted with your product advertising isn't an easy task, you know? That's why many marketers follow innovative ways to bring out the best of their business.


But among all, Google ads are one of the most excellent approaches to perform such action. If you are either a marketer or an advertiser, obviously you have heard of it. To capitalize on the number of searches people do on Google every day, no other option is as good as Google ads. So the importance of Google ads training is increasing rapidly.


If you want to know about Google ads in-depth, we are here for you. Our Google ads course is based on real-life applications of ads on the search engine. So you can know about how they work to attract customers. Before we go to the overall detail about our online Google ads course, let's gather some knowledge about Google Ads.


Moreover, billions of people worldwide use Google. You can gain massive traffic through Google. Therefore, day by day, it is becoming a reliable option for marketers to promote their business online.


Why Should You Know Google Ads

If you are a digital marketer or an advertiser, you simply can't deny the importance of google ads. With the fantastic growth of Google users worldwide, google ads are now a valuable way to earn traffic. Apparently, you want to promote your business through the most popular search engine, don't you?


Ranking organically on Google is often tricky as compared to ranking through paid advertisements. Your competitors can push you down on the search page just by using Google ads. Keeping this in mind, you can increase the possibility of outranking others when you apply Google Ads in your business.


Need another reason? Well, using PPC (Pay Per Click) for product advertising is the best solution as a part of a paid business strategy. Above all, there is hardly any way that can beat this technique to drive people to your site.


Importance of Google Ads in Career

Looking to make a career by learning Google ads? That's great. In recent years, Google ads have become one of the reliable ways for paid advertisements. There are plenty of scopes to make a career by learning it. Here are some of them:


  • The advertisement industry is expanding a lot in the entire world. Advertisers always look for opportunities to satisfy their clients with improved traffic for their business. So it is inevitable that if you learn Google ads, you are on the right track. In the meantime, you can gather more knowledge to bring values for your clients with your skills. Eventually, your client's business growth will have an impact on building your career.
  • Imagine working relentlessly in your sector to get valued for your work? Unfortunately, in many industries, that doesn't happen. Don't worry. In this digital marketing world, you always have scopes to promote yourself through your works.
  • You might start your career by earning a moderate Google ads job. Afterward, you can manage respective jobs such as Google ads specialist, Google ads strategist, and many more. There are plenty of digital marketing companies in Bangladesh. All of them provide Google ads service in Bangladesh. You have sufficient options to get a job in such companies depending on your skillset.
  • Not interested in office work? How about doing a freelancing job sitting at home? That sounds much more relaxing, right? In this global world, you always have options to do freelancing. You just have to look for suitable works in freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr.


Why Should You Buy This Course?

Most of the marketers have more or less basic ideas about Google ads. But many of them are not knowledgeable about how to implement Google ads strategies for their business. If you are one of them, our Google ads online course will be a great value for money in your career.


Also, our course is elementary & easy-going. If you go through the course outline, you can find relevant Google ads case studies are included for better understanding. We show full commitment to cover a wide range of topics. That will provide you nuts and bolts of Google ads.


Even though you are a beginner, we can assure you about providing the best Google ads course. We always prepare comprehensible course modules for the beginners to boost their confidence. Of course, we believe our initiative will come handy for the newbies.


Who Should Learn Google Ads?

Before learning something new, you need to understand why you are going for that. Likewise, there is a wide range of people who require the knowledge of google ads. Are you one of them? If you are, go for it.


  • Let me guess you own a brand that you want to promote on Google. In that case, you must find out those people who search ad similar to your niche. Our Google ads learning course can guide you to reach your goal, which you want to target.
  • You are a newbie who wants to establish a career in this sector. Since Google ads are one of the vital topics in digital marketing, you simply can't ignore it at an early stage.
  • Working as an advertiser or media planner in an ad agency? Then, I reckon a Google ads training will help you out in your workplace to fulfill client requirements.



12. Monetization

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Yes. You will receive the individual course completion certificate (digital-copy).
Right now, it’s the OTT platform, which means we are a video-on-demand platform. You have to watch recorded videos.
We work as a team. We are dedicated to giving support, making new videos to meet trends or latest updates, and troubleshooting.
Sorry. You can’t get refunded after buying this course.
We accept BKash, Bank, Rocket, PayPal, etc.
You need a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile with high-speed internet.
Live sessions, Email, Call, Group support, etc.
The course is designed from beginner to advanced level learners. You will get in-depth practical sessions with an industry-oriented syllabus. You have a great chance to get a job, start your own business, or do client support on freelancing platforms.
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In short, Google ads are one of the fundamental parts of Digital marketing. You might have seen it or even used it while performing brand promotion. But their use is much more versatile than you can ever assume. They are a significant weapon to outrank competitors if appropriately implemented.


That's why we emphasize this segment a lot. Our advanced Google ads training is well-organized & systematic for the trainee's ease of understanding. You can find plenty of Google ads training courses in Bangladesh. But we offer a complete package for your smooth approach to build a successful digital marketing career.


We always appreciate the dedication and interest of the trainees to learn digital marketing. So prepare yourself as an expert in this sector by choosing our high-quality Google ads training course.

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PIjush Saha
Pijush has been a data-driven digital marketing strategist for the past 8 years and helping brands grow.

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