Email Marketing & Lead Generation Mastery

Email Marketing is the use of email campaigns to bring awareness to a product or service and potentially get new clients or leads. Small businesses benefit the most with Email lead generation. With a reliable channel in place, you increase your chances to effectively reach your audience. An Email Marketing Course is a good first step to understand how to make the best of your campaigns. It lets you in on the ins and outs of email marketing.

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to build list through lead generation
  • Know how to setup cold-mail campaign with copywriting
  • Create highly optimized & high-quality email marketing campaigns
  • Setup CRM for small business & regain sales
  • LinkedIn Account
  • Free Mailchimp Account
  • Free Streak Account
  • Don't need to have any technical skills, everything will be explained from scratch.

A good strategy must have a landing page. This is the place where the leads will land once the email is clicked. Copywriting is important for capturing your potential client’s attention. With the right email marketing training, you should be able to come up with a winning Email campaign strategy that will keep your potential clients interested. You will be able to have a good understanding of where to start, which methods to use, and which strategy to utilize.

You will know the importance of having a landing page and what to do when leads come on the page. You learn how to categorize different leads. You will also understand the need for testing. Don’t go blindly sending out emails without testing for creativity. After all, you have a small window to connect with your audience.


✔ Importance of Email Marketing & Lead Generation in Career


A career as a marketer can be a lucrative one since many businesses need marketing. Even with all the social media platforms and other forms of marketing in place, Email marketing still holds its own in being one of the most effective methods to get leads or clients. Your job entails running a marketing campaign, managing the email database, and creating regular newsletters. You will have to design and create engaging messages and come up with personalized strategies.


✔ Who should learn Email Marketing & Lead Generation?


Any marketer worth their salt should have a decent understanding of Email marketing. As a business owner, you should know the importance of employing this strategy to help grow your business or a client’s business. As long as you have the passion for it and are willing to learn, you too can embrace Email marketing.


✔ Why should you buy this course?


★★★★★ You should consider buying this course to get detailed information on Email Marketing & Lead Generation. With it, you will acquire knowledge on how best to manage sales leads.

★★★★★ You should buy it if you want to learn how to come up with a successful email marketing strategy.

★★★★★ You will know how to write killing copywriting for the headline, banner, or body with signature.

★★★★★ You are going to learn different tools to collect leads with mining, opt-in forms, and third-party software like Mailchimp.

★★★★★ You will learn how to set up CRM for small businesses and make them recurred for your business.

★★★★★ Last but not least, this course will teach the different strategies that you can use to find and vet leads.


Email Marketing & lead generation is not rocket science. Once you get the hang of the different strategies to use and have access to the appropriate email database then you are good to go!

Yes. You will receive the individual course completion certificate (digital-copy).
Right now, it’s the OTT platform, which means we are a video-on-demand platform. You have to watch recorded videos.
We work as a team. We are dedicated to giving support, making new videos to meet trends or latest updates, and troubleshooting.
Sorry. You can’t get refunded after buying this course.
We accept BKash, Bank, Rocket, PayPal, etc.
You need a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile with high-speed internet.
Live sessions, Email, Call, Group support, etc.
The course is designed from beginner to advanced level learners. You will get in-depth practical sessions with an industry-oriented syllabus. You have a great chance to get a job, start your own business, or do client support on freelancing platforms.
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Pijush has been a data-driven digital marketing strategist for the past 8 years and helping brands grow.

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