Facebook Conversion API and Pixel with Google Tag Manager

Facebook Conversion API is another tool for digital marketers in the digital space. API stands for Application Programming Interface. When we are talking about the Conversion API of Facebook, we refer to the API from Facebook that can establish a link between the data gathered from your marketing and the system that helps you optimize targeting via advertisement. It can reduce cost per action cost and measure different results across Facebook technologies.

What you'll learn
  • In Details Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)
  • Facebook Pixel, Events, and Parameters
  • GCP Server Optimization
  • Google Tag Manager Basic
  • Basic Knowledge in Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Basic Knowledge in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Basic Knowledge in Facebook Pixel & Events
  • Eager To Learn & Can Provide Dedication
  • PC / Mobile with Internet
  • Basic English
  • Don’t Join if you can’t manage time for practices

Digital marketers have been using Facebook Or Meta Pixel to figure out how their ads have been and rebuild audiences for strong retargeting. However, because of various powerful privacy features of iOS 14 and website cookies on its deathbed, the power of Facebook Pixel is also dying. This is where CAPI comes into play. Let us have a look at why CAPI is so important at present.


  • CAPI can bypass ad blockers and VPNs.
  • It is friendly with iOS14.
  • Conversion API can capture lower-funnel actions that are really important.
  • Eventually, if cookies are gone, CAPI will rule the digital marketing space.


The Importance of Facebook Conversion API in Digital Marketing


If you are thinking about taking a career in the digital marketing industry, you should consider learning about Facebook Conversion API. The benefits of learning the API are as the following:


  • The use of Facebook conversion API can reduce your cost per action and provide better results.
  • This API can help your ad bypass the browser-specific ad blocker.
  • CAPI helps to maximize your ads for various actions. These actions take place after clients have subscribed to your service or purchased something from your store. 
  • You can better understand how your ads are performing and how customers convert from mere browsers to subscribers or buyers.
  • CAPI helps you match various events from various accounts on Facebook technologies by gathering the data that you can reuse across the platform.
  • You can have increased control over data if you use CAPI separately from Pixel.


Why should I buy this course

Well, as you know, digital marketing involves online advertisements. There are placeholders for ads on every website. However, when cookies are gone, and iOS 14 privacy features are active, most advertisements will lose effectiveness. So, if you are a digital marketer now or want to be in the future and want to thrive in the industry, you NEED to learn about Facebook Conversion API. Only by buying this course in Bongiyo.com can you have access to all the intelligence you need to master CAPI.


8. Deploy GCP Server

9. How To Make Money with FB CAPI and Pixel

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PIjush Saha
Pijush has been a data-driven digital marketing strategist for the past 8 years and helping brands grow.
Md. Rakibul Islam

on Apr 23, 2022

There is a lot of topic in a single course, I truly am enjoying studying this course, it is really informative and current. thank you Pijush vai.
Lima Hasan

on May 11, 2022

This course is amazing! I gained a lot of ideas and information about conversion API. Thank you so much Pijush Dada.
Shah Alam

on May 13, 2022

অনেকদিন ধরে অপেক্ষায় ছিলাম এই কোর্সের জন্য, অবশেষে দাদা এই কোর্স আমাদের জন্য আনলেন, খুবই সাবলীল করে বুঝিয়েছেন দাদা, আশা করি আমার মতো আপনারাও উপকৃত হবেন।
Abdul Rashid

on May 13, 2022

Great course, great effort by Pijush saha, Thank you Dada, highly recommend it for everyone.
Siam Hasan

on May 14, 2022

অনেক দিন ধরে প্রফেশনাল কনভার্সন এপিআই কোর্স খুঁজছিলাম, কোথায় পাই নি, অবশেষে পেলাম বঙ্গীয়তে। কোর্স কনটেন্ট খুব গ্রহণযোগ্য, পীযুষ ভাই একজন দক্ষ প্রশিক্ষক।
Md. Hasan

on May 14, 2022

This is the best FB conversion API essentials course in Bangladesh. Pijush Sir has managed to start the topics from an elementary level and eventually upgrade to more advanced topics. Thank you Bongiyo for this Course. Highly recommended it.
Md. Habibur Rahman

on Jun 20, 2022

Realy Helpful course, Because I'm suffering problems facing client work, that's why I'm trying to my skill update, Finally, Bongiyo.com offer me opportunity. Thank You Bongiyo.

on Nov 3, 2022

This course is fantastic. I gain knowledge all about Facebook conversation API to purchase this course. It is an essential and informative course ever. Thanks, Dada to make this course for us.
Sajib Islam Joy

on Nov 8, 2022

অনেক দিন ধরে ফেইসবুক কনভারসন এপি আই (CAPI) এর কোর্স খুজতেছিলাম। কোথাও প্রোপার গাইড লাইন সহ পাইনি। ইউটিউবে সার্চ করেছি কিন্তু বুজতেছিলাম না কিছুই। এক বড় ভাইয়ের কাছ থেকে বংগীয় এর কোর্স এর কথা শুনলাম এবং কোর্স ইনরোল করলাম এবং সব গুলো ভিডিও দেখেছি। অসাধারণ ভাবে উপস্থাপন করেছেন পিজুস সাহা দাদা প্রত্যেকটা ভিডিওতে। আমার ফেইসবুক কনভারসন এপি আই এর কনসেপ্টটা ক্লিয়ার হয়ে গেছে আলহামদুলিল্লাহ ❤️ধন্যবাদ পিজুস দাদা এত সুন্দর কোর্স উপহার দেওয়ার জন্য❤️❤️

on Feb 27, 2023

This online course is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn about Facebook Conversion API and Pixel with Google Tag Manager. The instructor explains everything clearly and provides practical examples to help you understand how to apply what you've learned in real-world situations. Highly recommended!
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