Google Tag Manager Mastery

GTM is a tag management system that is centralized. It will save you both time and money. It also allows you to preview and debug tags before they are implemented. Bongiyo is a reputable name for Google Tag Manager training in Bangladesh. If you’re a marketer or an analyst at a larger organization, the value you bring to your role through GTM. This course will make you effective at using Google Tag Manager to increase your analytics powers at your company.

What you'll learn
  • Use Google Tag Manager to deploy third-party tracking scripts
  • Set up tracking without having to rely on a developer
  • Get more insights from your data with advanced tracking.
  • Build a system you can use immediately to make sure your tags stay organized
  • Eager To Learn & Have Dedication
  • PC / Mobile with Internet
  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing
  • No prior technical understanding needed
  • Basic English
  • Don’t Join if you can’t manage time for practices

Google Tag Manager is a free-to-use, interactive Google product or interface that was first released on October 1, 2012. It is, in fact, a centralized tag management system.


In analytics, we have an installation code that is installed on websites to allow us to track analytics on our websites. This code is also known as a "tag." Remarketing tags, Google Analytics event codes and Google Analytics tracking codes are some examples of codes or tags that are dealt with on a regular basis. Google Tag Manager assists us in managing these codes or tags.


People are under the impression that Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are the same things, and that they perform roughly the same functions. However, the two are diametrically opposed.

The only thing that is true is that both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager complement each other and aid in effective digital marketing.


Why Should You Learn to Google Tag Manager?


Beneficial in Remarketing


A website or a mobile app has visitors from diverse sources, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

In order to inform these visitors from various sources about the latest campaigns, ads as part of remarketing are employed. Google Tag Manager enables the integration of platforms and makes remarketing easier than ever before.


Savings Cost


Multiple codes or tags are present on our websites. Previously, tag management was done through a manual process. Now, tag management through manual means requires sound coding expertise.


As far as Google Tag Management is concerned, even a non-developer can manage tags using GTM. As a result, it saves money that could otherwise be spent on the salaries of additional developers. Also, it is a free service from Google to use.


Saves Time 


Manual changes to the tags on one’s website are not required in the presence of Google Tag Manager. You can test and implement tags using GTM in a short span of time.



Website speed


Without Google Tag Manager, when you load your website, tags also fire and affect the speed and overall experience of your website. With Google Tag Manager training, one can easily control the loading of tags on their website.


The Importance of Google Tag Manager in My Career



High-demand skills


The entire analytics system is built around tags. Also, the Google Tag Manager Course in Bangladesh is a highly in-demand skill.



Team collaboration


GTM allows you to provide access related to tags to the other team members as well. With Google Tag Manager training, you can work in such a team.



Why Should I Buy This Course?


As the importance of the Google Tag Manager Course in acquiring a job and career growth is well established, the rational next step should be to acquire this skill set. Bongiyo is a reputed platform that imparts Google Tag Manager training in Bangladesh to the level of mastery. If you subscribe to the Google Tag Manager Course in Bangladesh by Bongiyo now, you can also avail a limited-time handsome discount on fees as well. So hurry up! The future belongs to you and you only. Learn & Understand and Use Google Tag Manager with confidence. Learn how to deploy various tags and track them in the Website and pass data into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

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