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Keyword research in Search Engine Optimization is as crucial as the Oxygen in the human body. When your website gained the top of SERPs, but you aren’t getting the right audience, the only reason you may not targeting good keywords, or you are just pulling random words from the content. It's a clear indication of the significance of keywords (sometimes referred to as “SEO keywords”), aka KW in digital marketing.

What you'll learn


  • Find golden keywords with high commercial intent & context
  • Know how to identify competitive keywords & find it easy to rank
  • Map researched keywords strategically for content
  • Track your keyword ranking and performance


  • No experience required
  • Desire to learn
  • PC/Mobile with high-speed internet

For all SEO Pros, the search phrase is the foundation of all SEO efforts and is the building block of your business. The prerequisite is perfectly done search engine KW exploration must-have a decent search volume, opportunity to rank, appropriate searchers, and finally, chance to grow in the future. 


Later on in this post, you’ll get to know some of the essential aspects of secured research for any website that strives to get more traffic.


Why Should You Learn Keyword Research?


We all know, publishing a keyword-stuffed article isn’t a good idea. And at any great content, matching keywords and considering the explorer’s search behavior to targeting an appropriate audience allows you to gaze directly into Google's rank. So, it is one of the infinite paths you can take to grow your business, and if you miss the mark, your results will suffer.


There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your keywords are on the right track. Of course, the end goal is to help increase the traffic on your website and achieve the intended result.


Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it matters for all of digital marketers.


  • It helps you to avoid targeting the wrong topics, which might have zero interest among visitors.
  • Right KW opens the door to your efforts to be discovered and help you compete in a low, competitive market with the best traffic for your ideal seekers.
  • Keyword research provides rich data that can foster your content marketing strategy that helps you plot your buyers persona.
  • It can help you determine how much effort and resources to spend on a topic.


Importance of Keyword Research


SEO and marketing strategy entirely relies on keyword research, and proper KW research can help you uncover the best phrases. When you know what to target, you can optimize your website based on the terms and add significant value to your competitors.


To craft an effective SEO strategy, you first have to know who you’re competing against, and only then you can increase your search visibility. 


Of course, there is no point in writing and publishing posts on your website, if nobody searches for what you're talking about. The result of this horrible mismatch will be- no traffic to your site, no matter how much effort you put in. 


Yes, humble keywords do exist, and it dramatically reduces the mystery surrounding your potential clients/customers. Prioritizing high-volume keywords that the competitors in the market are not currently ranking for will give a competitive edge. 


Knowing how to analyze your SEO competition is another vital step in determining your overall keyword, and it dispenses a clear view of who is winning the organic visibility. Competitor analysis, aka reverse engineering, is also a critical part of KW research, where your goal is to understand what is working best for your competitor. Once you know whats's working best for your rivals, you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.


According to online marketing experts, keyword research does the below things:


  • Know who your competitors are, what their strengths are, strategies, and how to replicate them.
  • Get to know what works and what to avoid.
  • After revealing keyword gaps, you can add them to your existing articles or design new posts.
  • Refine on-page elements and plan to build backlinks based on the newly discovered anchor text.
  • By analyzing existing competitors will give you a veritable goldmine of new information to work with. 


Who Should Learn Keyword Research


No matter what you do online, KW research comes first. Your keywords' quality involves the right balance of all the conditions of selecting terms with relevance, popularity, length, and specificity. So, you already know how important keyword research is and what it can bring you.


Now comes the burning question of who should learn it. For those who want to be SEO enthusiasts or wants to become a growth hacking expert, keyword research is a must-have skill. If you're going to generate pure traffic, maximize conversion by targeting actual searchers, and rank the highest on a SERP, getting KW research right is one of the most important parts of gaining positive SEO results.


As an SEO manager, if you can do keyword research for your site, add incredible values to develop content, and satisfy user intent. Besides, there are tons of jobs available on the web regarding keyword research you can apply and get paid. Certain factors drive your earning and determine how fast you can become a recognized SEO guy.


  • Your skills and authoritativeness
  • The status of the company you are working.
  • How well you can rank even if it’s a high-competitive niche
  • Remote job Vs. On-desk-job. Freelancing jobs tend to be cheaper than on-desk-job.
  • The client who engages you on an ongoing or long-term basis might pay you higher than the practical short term, especially if you’re an independent SEO professional.


In a nutshell, the opportunity of a professional KW researcher has no actual limits.


Why Should Buy This Course


This course is a unique and value-driven online keyword research program, especially if you are interested in content marketing or blogging or SEO. This course will provide you with essential details on keyword research and help you rank your site or assists you in acquiring the knowledge to get a job at a top tier SEO agency or start one on your own. 


With this online course, you'll hone your keyword research and be better placed to raise those in the Google rankings.


What you'll learn:

  • Identify highly-converting SEO keywords for your business.
  • Become familiar with using top paid and free KW research tools.
  • Generate search terms quickly.
  • Learn how to set the value proposition.
  • Able to perform advanced competition analysis.
  • Full fledge online course- you can study in your own time, at your own pace.
Yes. You will receive the individual course completion certificate (digital-copy).
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