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Backlinks are undoubtedly essential for any SEO effort. No matter how convincing content you write, if Google finds no link back to it, your article might need to wait forever to get targeted visitors. In most cases, search engines prefer the post which gets a strong reference aka backlink.

What you'll learn
  • Link building fundamentals
  • Get high-quality & authoritative links
  • Rank your site higher
  • Link prospecting & outreach
  • No experience required
  • Desire to learn
  • PC/Mobile with high-speed internet

Links are the backbone of the web. So if you want organic traffic, you need to consistently secure links from relevant websites. Unfortunately, not all links bring benefit to the site- some helps to rank your website while some can destroy your brand's reputation.


Today, the old link building doesn't work; and now the backlink process requires in-depth research, outside-the-box brainstorming, and deep customization. That's the reason, the marketer's job is to ensure building legitimate links that have genuine value in search.


Why Should You Learn Link Building


There's a lot to learn about backlinks even for a pro SEO marketer. From more than 200 factors that make up the Google ranking algorithm, Google usage links as a core ranking factor. Yet, search engines are continually working on updating the algorithms to give the best user experience. This is why the quality of the links in articles have become more critical than ever.


Unless you know where to look, your backlink effort won't be able to give what you're seeking for. You need to understand the below concepts of new backlink if you wish to get maximum from your link building campaign.


  • What are the criteria for a good backlink? A high-quality backlink comprises of quite a few factors like; relevant and trustworthy score, source of visitors, the format of anchor text used, and so on.
  • Understanding which types of backlinks to avoid and what makes a backlink a dangerous, worthless or just plain junk backlink?
  • What type of backlinks does your business need to scale the sale? Not all website needs the same kind of backlinks; some are specific to location while others are generic. If you have a local business, local citation links might be vital to you. But when you are competing globally, or you have a B2B company, the outreach link building strategies with a long-term mindset will help you with your B2B website. 
  • The era of link earns Vs building. Link earning is the most current set of industry best practice, whereas building links refers to the old ways of adding a backlink to the profile.


Importance of Link Building


In today's competitive SEO market, the process of getting other sites to hyperlink to your website, aka link building still matter a great deal. Google always uses these hyperlinks to crawl the web and to navigate between various pages on the internet. So, the healthier the backlink profile you have, the higher your website's authority will be, definitely comprising with other ranking factors. 


Let's have a look into the facts about how backlinks affect your website's performance and why it's become an integral part of the ranking.


  • Backlinks can help websites rank better: Authority and reliability help a website to rank on the SERPs and search Engines determine these factors through the number of linking domains, linking domain age, the relevancy of content, webpage's diversity, placement, etc.
  • Backlinks help Google determine how authoritative and relevant your website, and that is how you gain ranking on SERPs. Logically, a site which is occupied the top of search page-1 is going to get more organic visitor than others.
  • When your website got mentioned or got a backlink from other reputed brands, the potential visitors might visit your site by clicking the link. Thus, it helps your business gaining exposure, consumers became familiar with your shop, and eyes getting put on your domain.
  • Quality incoming links drive audiences, and when the customer finds your resources valuable, your brand becomes recognized as a thought leader.
  • Links send positive signals to Google, and it enhances the new pages to be discovered by Google's web spider to crawl.   
  • Link building helps businesses to achieve long-term goals by boosting sales, conversation, and revenue. Your brand will get traffic until the links are live. So once you have built a successful connection, it'll bring long-lasting benefits.

In a nutshell, the quality of backlinks in a site and organic traffic gaining are related to each other, and more links mean more customers that lead to more business. Links have been a predominant part of modern SEO, are still the core of Google's search algorithm, and it is not going to be disappeared till quite a few years to come.


Who Should Learn Link Building


Link building is a contentious process, and there is no matter which position your website occupied in SERPs, you need to carry on adding quality links to your brands. The reason is- as time goes, your competitors shall continue accumulating referrals to their site that might help them become acquiring an authoritative position. Hence, webmasters can't afford to take the risk of stopping the link building process. 


Regardless of your expertise in SEO or digital marketing, you need to have proper link building skills if you want to scale your marketing effort. Anyone who wants to build his or her career in search engine optimization or wish to boost the rankings or conversion, learning link building will give an extra millage.


Why Should Buy This Course


In this course, you'll be taught how to build a strategic method to develop your backlink process and how to do them in the right way so that your site doesn't get a penalty. This actionable link building training will help you to get the highest-quality, most authoritative links that will foster your site's ranking.


In this link building course, you will learn how to communicate and how to negotiate with different webmasters to earn premium links. All the teaching modules have been broken down into small lessons and to the point so that trainees can learn what they need. 


Our link building training program is designed to your needs and will introduce you the concepts you probably never heard of before. At the end of the sessions, you will learn to develop advanced link strategies specific to your business, and that is dedicated to bringing the big success of your brand.

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