LinkedIn Marketing & Ads Mastery

With more than 690 million users from 200 countries, LinkedIn has become one of the mainstream social networking platforms around the globe. This virtual professional network has morphed from an online resume and now is offering plenty of opportunities for those on the job market, including keeping track of businesses and events. No matter what you do, this career profile widget offers so many things for recruiters, job seekers, and other stakeholders.

What you'll learn
  • Optimize LinkedIn Profile to Get More Visibility To Be Influencer
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website Using LinkedIn Videos and LinkedIn Blog Posts
  • How to Generate a Massive Amount of Leads Using Lead Generation Strategies
  • The Steps to Create a LinkedIn Company Page & Setup LinkedIn Ads Professionally
  • Must have a LinkedIn account
  • Ready to learn new things
  • No prior experience or knowledge

LinkedIn = Powerful Networking Opportunity = A better career prospect

There are lots of reasons why LinkedIn has become the #1 connection making site. Besides growing new connections and brand, LinkedIn is the top-rated professional network for lead generation and an actual game-changer tool for B2B companies. 


LinkedIn is used sparingly, so, when planned well, it can help to tell your company’s story, engage the followers, build brand awareness, and can drive targets to scale organization’s financial health. But, to achieve those millstones, every business must have to develop an effective and result-driven LinkedIn marketing strategy. 


If you don’t want to get yourself behind by LinkedIn revolution, you’ve to learn everything you need to get started and create a presence that makes an outstanding impression. If you wonder why LinkedIn works for others but not for you, we believe, the course “LinkedIn Training in Bangladesh” will help you excel at LinkedIn Marketing, Sales & Personal Branding. At the end of the lessons, you will be able to build a brand that generates leads.


✔ Why Should You Know LinkedIn?


Whether you're a sales executive or high profile official, running a big corporate but now wants to open new wings of your organization, you’re studying in the last year of the business school, or you’re an entrepreneur or a consultant, LinkedIn is for anybody and everybody.  Even if you want to upgrade existing career profiles, become an influencer, hire the market best staff, or connecting with other professionals for networking, you need this essential connecting platform.


Why Linkedin Is Important For Business

The business that has an adequately optimized LinkedIn organization page can drive enormous traffic to their website, and many of them converted into sales. You also can attract top talents to your company. You can give ads regarding new openings, and you can choose from high potential employees. Those successful employees will help you to achieve your business goal, make sales, and build the brand via positive customer interactions and who always have a direct impact on the works that get done.


Importance of LinkedIn in Career


LinkedIn is unquestionably the social network for job-seeking professionals, and eventually, it’ll get you a job if you connect with the right people. Despite the social nature of LinkedIn, it’ll help you find suitable employment quicker than any other platform. The process of vetting candidates is found to be more comfortable in this career site, and this is the reason most of the hiring managers and recruiters are using this platform widely.


★★★★★ It gives you the chance to build a relationship with industry veterans, and most of the smart executives also use LinkedIn for promoting their achievements. And everyone knows active participation and interacting with links are always good for career growth. 


★★★★★ LinkedIn really helps you to get your desired job, but to get that help, you must have to support this platform by adopting effective strategies to make you visible in front of potential employers. 


★★★★★ Knowing the fact that the possibilities of LinkedIn can be endless when it comes to networking, hopefully, you are now convinced to develop a career-focused profile.


★★★★★ Doing what’s right is never easy; however, when you will understand what’s needed to be done, you can easily do the hard things- there comes the need for a fruitful training. While looking for advance LinkedIn learning materials, you have two options- go to a physical coaching institute which can be extremely expensive and time-consuming or web resources- which are not practical enough to be fit in the real world.


Luckily, now you have this online course named “LinkedIn Training in Bangladesh” which will help you enhance your skillset and boost your brand’s visibility through innovative, independent learning.


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The course is designed from beginner to advanced level learners. You will get in-depth practical sessions with an industry-oriented syllabus. You have a great chance to get a job, start your own business, or do client support on freelancing platforms.
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✔ Why Should You Buy This Course?

This intensive online tutorial course on “LinkedIn Marketing Training in Bangladesh” covers the up-to-date marketing strategies, frameworks, and concepts of this professional networking platform. This training has been designed to take the “pain” away from trying to figure out what works on LinkedIn. There are long core video training, plus dozens of short videos that are presented in such a way that you’ll absorb skills gradually through practice and build interest to go to the next level.


This coaching can be tailor-made for anybody who wants to create effective marketing campaigns that convert new customers. And you don’t need to worry a thing about upcoming changes- these videos and lectures will be updated from time to time with new developments, techniques, and methods that work best at that time.


Within a few hours after the instant access, you’ll be able to complete your first ever LinkedIn company page with optimized details and put yourself in the first step of becoming the thought leader.


You’ll be able to develop the right content marketing strategies that’ll help you get the real deals. At the end of this program, you will take away actionable strategies, implement those in the practical situations to build a brand and relationships with your target audience, and become a LinkedIn superstar.


Learning outcomes:

  • Create a positive first impression with a personal brand and company page
  • Attendees will be gain the precise structure of the LinkedIn algorithm and learn how to optimize reach and engagement
  • Leveraging the earth’s most prominent career-focused professional networking platform for your brand
  • Gain social selling techniques through building a powerful connection and convert them to cash
  • By implementing the blueprint methods, you can create a constant stream of high quality leads coming and scale your business
  • Help to transform your LinkedIn page into a non-stop money-making machine.
  • You’ll have a thorough understanding of all critical areas of LinkedIn with real-world results
  • Discover proven practices and cutting-edge tactics on LinkedIn to grow your niche
  • Craft irresistible offers that quickly pushes the visitors to connect and convert into leads and then customers


✔ Who should join?

Online marketers, freelancers, job seekers, or business owners, B2B entrepreneurs, or working professionals who are looking to create a professional presence, identify new business opportunities and want to know the secrets to generate leads.


Enroll if you want to

  • Generate massive ROI from your LinkedIn account, confidently.
  • Learn about hidden features available on LinkedIn 
  • Learn how to craft an offer that makes you stand out from your competitor
  • See connections and conversations “auto-magically” pouring into your inbox
  • Be a master in the white-label lead generation on LinkedIn 
  • Crack the code of LinkedIn business
  • You need exclusive campaign checklists, page templates, and message scripts that works best
  • Learn how to find the customers who are waiting for you on LinkedIn!
  • Optimize your LinkedIn campaigns to improve efficiency and win new clients daily
  • You have existing campaigns but want to leverage your current efforts for better results.
  • Establish yourself as a LinkedIn coach
  • Lifetime access to the course materials to know the future updates in the ever-changing digital world

Don’t Enroll if


  • If you are not curious and are reluctant to learn new things
  • Your prospects can’t be defined by professional parameters, or they hardly visit LinkedIn
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PIjush Saha
Pijush has been a data-driven digital marketing strategist for the past 8 years and helping brands grow.

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