Difference between academic and general IELTS

The IELTS exam has two branches – Academic and General Training. We will talk about the difference between academic and general IELTS.


  1. Purpose: The purposes of these two branches are different. You will take Academic IELTS if you want to enter a professional institute or a university. On the other hand, General Training IELTS is for those trying to migrate to another country.
  2. There are no differences in the listening and speaking sections. Whichever branch you choose, you will have the same questions and patterns.
  3. Reading: Reading in the Academic test contains the type of text extracts you will experience at University. However, the General Training reading section contains texts that you will experience in your everyday life in a foreign country, like leaflets, notices, and the like.
  4. Writing: In the Academic IELTS, you will write one report and one argumentative essay. However, you will write a letter or application and a general topic essay in general training.

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