Why Should You Learn SEO?

There are billions of searches performed each day on Google. No matter how much tiniest business you have, and whether it has an online presence or not, the searchers are looking for it on Google. 

Let’s look into the below example.

“Restaurants nearby” has a search volume of 24 million each month. That shows if you own a restaurant that has an operation in Dhaka (where the search has been conducted) but has no online presence how many clients you are missing every month. And luckily, if you have a website, then look at the number of searches Google returns. It only means there is a lot of competition if you want to present your website on page-1.

SEO is the only process to tell Google that you have better resources, and your venture deserves to be at the top of SERPs. 

In addition to that, there are other sources of traffic like- paid advertising, social media, Q&A Websites, and other online platforms and offline promotions as sponsoring events & programs. Even so, talking about the quality in terms of conversion, organic search appears more credible to savvy searchers. However, However, SEO can bring a lot of help besides providing searchability and visibility.

  • Easy way to get quality traffic: Study shows more than 65% of viewers likely to click on the 1st to 5th of SERPs appeared on the first page. An SEO optimized website with on-page SEO can help you gain the chance to be in-between the mentioned positions and ideally number one. More visibility means higher click through to your site, better rankings, and more return on investment. 
  • Builds Trust and Credibility: The era of buying unnatural links, blackhat tactics, and other so-called shortcuts have gone. As a matter of fact, there is no other way than producing great resources based on relevant keywords and phrases. When prospects find all resources they are looking for, they will become emotionally engaged, and thus the search engine will send “good signals” about your brand. This way, your venture earns authority, relevance, and trust, and more people will come to you for information and advice. SEO can help you turn complete strangers into enthusiastic ones.
  • There is no need to spend for ad space: Like a print or moving Ad, when you stop investing in Google or other social media ads, they stop appearing and stop generating results. But, when you work hard on SEO, your perfectly optimized website appears on the top of SERPs, the good news- it’s sustainable! In short: SEO has a better chance over PPC.
  • Ensures growth: When your website will gain search visibility with cumulative SEO strategies, it’ll empower your brand, providing measurable and tangible results. It will also bring long-lasting benefits and will help you achieve many of your business goals. 
  • Staying ahead of the competition: SEO is a contentious process- the more you work on optimizing your site, technically, your web site’s ranking is enhancing, and you’re ahead of your rivals. On the other hand, when you are not doing, you are making an opportunity for competitors, and this is how business works. So, there is no reason to ignore this worthy tool. 

Importance of SEO in Career

To better understand the career opportunity of an agile SEO analyst and search engine optimizer job, let’s know the online marketing industry better.

  • High demand for SEO services: Nowadays, the online marketplace has become “Sell Anything” Marketplaces. And search engines have become the pioneer place for go-to resources for almost everything to the info seekers. The availability and structured information are allowing purchasers to make a much better and more informed buying decision. Consequently, this change in consumers’ procuring decisions is driving business to be positioned well in SERPs for their buying intent keywords. To solve this immediate need for text and voice search, business owners need smart Google SEO services providers.
  • SEO professionals are earning more: Though making money depends on so many factors, including the level of expertise to whom you are working for, there is no real limit of earning. The service pricing model can be different when you own a company, the niche you provide SEO services, or who your employer is. 

You can start up your own business and become your boss rather than investing your skills, time, energy, and productivity to build your employer’s dream. If you are willing to give your fullest, you can effortlessly start your own SEO consulting-business or agency. Choose a name, book a domain, write content, and rank it on Page #1 of Google for specific popular SEO keywords, and you are all set to get the first client. You can offer consultations, strategy planning, content marketing roadmaps, off-site SEO, web audits services, and the list goes on. The sky is the limit- there are thousands of strategies to grow it bigger once you start getting success.

You don’t like to build agency, no problem- build an authority website or blog and monetize it. Monetizing a website has become more profitable nowadays. Choose a niche or topic that can solve problems. Get content written by professionals, make it user-friendly, and develop it to become the best source of available resources. Now rank it on the first page of Google and create a big payday. The ways to make money are- affiliate products, selling and renting ad spaces, generating leads, accepting donations, sponsoring posts, review products, link advertising, adding subscriptions, and flipping the website.

You can also join a company as an SEO professional. There is a lot of demand for this particular career type. Sign up in top professional social networking sites like Linkedin as a savvy SEO marketer, optimize your profile, and build authority to attract employers from worldwide. With the ever-increasing demand for the true SEO professional, your chance to be hunted as an SEO expert is higher than ever.

  • Unlimited opportunity to learn something new each day: There is no ending line of learning in this sector. A fun-loving game for learners- you’ll expect considerable changes in every month that will drive you to learn always and will widen your knowledge.
  • No age limit: Seniority rules don’t apply here. If you’re young and have a big idea about generating traffic, you don’t need to wait for trial and justify the outcome. Technology pioneer bosses will always listen even you are a young SEO Pro. Similarly, SEO is a great career choice for any senior person who wants to enter in this field. 
  • Freelancing scopes: Starting an SEO career in freelancing is no more a side gig. Everyone who has a website needs SEO professionals to scale better in terms of their search engine rankings. So it’s worth selecting freelancing for an SEO analyzer. Once you have gained substantial knowledge, you can list yourself to renowned marketplace portals like Fiverr and Upwork and start offering white label SEO services to one or multiple businesses or agencies simultaneously.

Different studies revealed that SEO freelancers who work 5 to 6 hours a day, can earn 400$ to 500$ and sometimes more. So, imagine how much you can make if you have 15 to 20 clients?

Where To Learn

Todays’ Search Machine is more compact and intelligent. Nowadays, when a searcher inputs any query, Google informs and assists, rather than giving users a list of links. This only means- world SEO veterans like Brian Dean or Neil Patel always change their approaches in each year according to new algorithm guidelines Google releases every month; this is where the need for proper guidelines comes in.

An amazing SEO instructor or online-based advance SEO training agencies tend to be updated themselves quickly according to the new challenges. Thus, they can teach those complex set of methodologies and techniques to their SEO-trainees in an easy-way that ensures you know the exact process to do SEO properly in competitive markets.

Not but all of the online courses are designed for the beginner; fortunately, there are very few that focus on more complex SEO components and become the candid success guide. This is the main reason that drives us to develop such an advanced SEO training that can satisfy your knowledge hunger mind and help you become a recognized SEO expert in Bangladesh and worldwide.

This online SEO training program has been designed so that rookie SEO knowledge seekers can gain the most valuable skills “the ability to get more customers by doing SEO” and can have financial security in life. We’ll help you with keeping your skills up-to-date and achieve success. Yes, in short, it’s incredible.

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