How many Mock Tests Should we Attend to get 6.5?

Many IELTS test takers ask this kind of question. This question is ridiculous in so many ways. If you ask about mock tests, then ask how you can make good use of mock tests to improve and get 6.5. We will talk about how many mock tests should we attend to get 6.5 in this article.

How to use Mock tests to get 6.5

Please, follow the instructions here with care. We will give tips separately for listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


  1. Improvement takes a lot of time. If you are not dedicated, you will not be able to recover from your weaknesses. You need to give at least six months of full-time study to see some significant improvement in your listening skills.
  2. You can choose content from the TuneIn radio app and YouTube. Choose TuneIn if you want to listen to country-specific accents like – American, British, Irish, Australian, etc.
  3. Many websites provide free podcasts for you to download and listen to.
  4. You can watch TV dramas with subtitles as well.
  5. Some of these will give you subtitles, and some will not. So, vary your sources to cover a great deal of content.
  6. Listen to English content every single day for hours.
  7. Use contents that you love or enjoy. Choose content topics that suit your interest. This way, you will grow quicker.
  8. Listen to and take notes of specific grammar and sentence patterns.
  9. Note newer words and find meanings. 
  10. Listen and rewind if you have the opportunity.
  11. Use YouTube to listen and read subtitles simultaneously to make your reading speed faster. Try to keep up with the listening while you read, do not rewind or pause in the middle. Once you finish a track, then rewind.


  1. Use very high-quality content for your reading practice.
  2. Choose classic novels by English writers.
  3. Read research papers on any topic of your choice.
  4. Read contents only written by Native English speakers.
  5. Read news articles from sources like The Atlantic, Bloomberg, Harvard Business Review, etc. 
  6. Do not use lousy content.
  7. Pay particular attention to contextual meaning – by analyzing complex sentences, new words, and their application within the context. Take help from a tutor if you need it.
  8. Translate critical passages from the content. Show it to your tutor. This way, you will find out if your interpretation skill is improving or not.
  9. Keep doing this every day.


  1. After you follow our listening and reading instructions, you will get a lot of topics to write about. 
  2. Write 150 and 250 words long essays on those topics. 
  3. When you are starting, do not worry about the word limit. Write as long as you can. This process will bring out all the problems you have in your writing.
  4. Ask your tutor for help and work on your mistakes.
  5. But write only one or two essays before you consult your tutor. If you write too many times with faulty skills, those mistakes will become habits.
  6. Please write at least two and then get them checked by the tutor.


  1. Just like writing, you get a lot of topics to talk about.
  2. Get your recording ready and speak on a particular topic for at least five minutes. Do not drag it longer. Try to cover all the points within your five minutes. You can start another recording at any time.
  3. Listen to the recordings, and if you are satisfied with your content quality, record another. Keep doing this until you are satisfied. 
  4. Now, get this recording checked by your tutor and fix the problems you find.
  5. Keep doing this every day, and you will be surprised to see how far you have come.

Follow the instructions to the letter and over and over again. When you get confident about your skills, register for IELTS official exam. Until your test date, you have some time. Take no more than 2 tests per week and fix if you find any weaknesses. This is how you prepare for not just 6.5 but even higher! Hope You understand, How many Mock Tests Should we Attend to get 6.5, Good luck!

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