7. Local SEO Blueprint

When you want to be noticed by the geo-specific customers or reach the targeted clients based on location, you need to complete local search strategies or Local SEO for short. Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website (and its content) using location-based Search Engine Optimization methods to connect with your audience at that moment they are seeking what you offer.

What you'll learn
  • Find the most profitable local keywords list
  • Rank higher in #1-3 position locally
  • Rank on Google Maps
  • Build citation
  • Increase foot traffic, in-store & online sales
  • Track & measure results
  • Basic understanding of SEO
  • Desire to learn
  • PC/Mobile with high-speed internet

Local SEO requires strategic and targeted approaches for the process of technical SEO, on-site and off-site optimization, and content strategy, and indeed, it's far different from national and global SEO. When you market your local business online, you must define your locality so that when someone searches for a location, the search engine can find the companies located there.

46% of all searches on Google seek local information, and 86% of consumers rely on search engines to find a local business. With this data, it can be clearly said that local searches have a higher intent to buy, meaning a better chance of sales. As local SEO is essential to a wide range of marketing situations, it's time to put your money where it counts.

Why Should You Learn Local SEO

To understand why local brands need to adopt local SEO strategies in their marketing effort, you need to know how this optimization benefits the clients. Every customer wants to make a memorable experience when buying, whether it's an online or offline purchase. Nowadays, this procuring process starts as soon as clients hit the search button in Google to begin to research to solve their needs.

To transform a buyer's journey into a memorable event, the webmaster must make the selling trip easy and convenient. If the visitors feel difficulty to find what they are looking for, they might consider other sellers to conceal the deal. 

As a site owner, it's not recommended to remain hidden and wait for your target customer until they find you. Can you afford to make it hard while everyone wants to get things quickly? It's unimportant how amazing products or services you sell; if nobody is noticing you, you won't be able to earn a penny. Ensuring that your information is consistent and available, aka local SEO, you can take to turn things around.

Study shows investing in local search ranking can bring many benefits to brands targeting the local community. As a local business owner, this is what you should seek.

Importance of Local SEO

Organic SEO and local SEO are more or less the same, but in local targets, you need to add some extra components as geographical factors. But the benefit of local Search Engine Optimization is enormous and vital to a wide range of marketing situations. The reasons are:

Study shows most local customers depend heavily on search engines to find local products or purchases. Research shows, 64% of local customers use Google and other search engines to find the information, and about half of them will visit a store because of the information they have discovered from the searches. So finding your business's data has become more crucial than ever.

Each search engine has a unique set of algorithms for determining a website's ranking when your business is geographically relevant to a user performing a 'near me' search. The poor your local SEO is, the less chance your targets will find you when they search. Which means that, if you have a local business, but you haven't taken steps to assemble your local SEO in order, you are missing enormous opportunity to reach your audience, fewer clicks, and lower sale.

  • If potential customers are unable to find you, it's evident that your competitors will make sure they will be in front of your targets.
  • To open up many opportunities to boost engagement, you need to rank and make your brand visible in the most widely used mapping tool- Google Map. To gain GMB listing authority, you need strong local SEO tactics and strategies.
  • Local searches are more people-centric, and search engines will ensure that searchers are getting a smoother experience that they deserve.
  • Local SEO helps to establish a meaningful relationship with your new, present, and prospective audience and thus dramatically improving your conversation rate.

While other marketing techniques like listing your brand's information in online directories requires resources to spend, the local business listing is likely to be free of cost. There is no charge to enlist your business on Google my business page, aka GMB and Facebook.

  • Local SEO helps to build reputation management that benefits creating trust in your business (prominence), and sometimes a business's success or failure depends on its reputation.
  • Comparing to global SEO, local SEO is relatively low competitive (in most cases). When you adopt the right marketing mix, it widens up the doors of opportunity to boost sales.
  • Local searches are increasing day by day, and that's why search engines are shaping their requirements.

Who Should Learn Local SEO

This local SEO tutorial is a complete package for agencies, aspiring agency owners, and digital marketers who want to extend their local clients' services and want to save hundreds by not hiring an outside Digital Marketing Agency or freelancers.

Why Should You Buy This Course?

Inside this online local SEO course, you will learn step-by-step strategies to rank your local business in SERPs and increase your sales. The other reasons why you should purchase this training are:

  • We have covered all the local search segments and have shown you strategies and the secret methods experts are using to get to number one!
  • After taking this training, you can become your consultant and can rank your website.
  • Each Lesson has a list of actionable tips and checklists that'll help you become professional at SEO.
  • You'll learn how to generate more reviews for your business.
  • This program will give you practical advice you can implement instantly and deploy these learnings to your website or client's site.

14. Technical SEO

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