Can we sit for mock tests online in 4 modules?

Let us talk about a question that we often see online – can we sit for mock tests online in 4 modules? We pay a lot of money to register for IELTS. We do not want to appear at the exam suddenly without any preparation. We need some preparation that can give us a taste of actual IELTS to some extent. This is where Mock tests come into play.

The System

Usually, the IELTS preparation guides and books have a lot of Mock tests for you to take. The problem is the Speaking and the writing section. Although you can handle the listening and the reading part alone at home, you need someone experienced to tell you where your problems lie in the other two sections.

In a mock test center, you have tutors available to analyze your scripts and help with fixing all of your mistakes. You should be registering for mock tests many months earlier, even before registering for the official IELTS.

Take one mock test each week and work on the mistakes you find in that test. Work on them for a week and then take another test. This way, try to improve yourself gradually.

Usually, you need to be in a controlled environment under the constant vigil of the tutors to get a feel for the actual exam. Hence, you usually take the mock tests onsite.

However, due to covid19 pandemic, many centers have closed their doors and started serving online. Although it is perfectly fine to take tests online, you will not feel the same pressure from the tutors when you take the tests online.

Now that there is a Computer Delivered IELTS, you should get used to reading, listening, writing, and speaking using your computer from home. You can get PDF copies of the exam sent to you by the teacher with the listening CD and get your speaking sections done on the same day.

Everything is possible online. You can attend all four modules of IELTS mock tests online. Your teacher will tell you what to do according to the policies of the center you are registered to. Hope you understand, Can we sit for mock tests online in 4 modules?

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